Ginegar plastic products, empowering the organic agriculture sector in Israel

By Yoram Sztyglic- Ginegar Plastic Products chief agronomist


Kibbutz En Harod Mehuad new 10 hectare organic almond orchard reinforced Ginegar mulch 4th face installation


Recently, before the blessed rains we had, we managed to conclude the mulch installation.


Ginegar B/W 150 micron orchard mulch contributes to higher yield, saves water, keeping soil moister, less weeds, saves herbicides application, complimentary product to drip irrigation system, forming a continuous wet strip under the mulch providing excellent environment for roots development (darkness and oxygen) on the upper surface, leaches the salts and reduce salinity, decreases nutrient leaching during rainy seasons, over 60% reflection in PAR, improves photosynthesis.


The En Harod mehuad team, installed the mulch, using Ginegar Plastic Products mulch layer machine 


Among previous projects done in the past, organic tomatoes for processing soil solarization and organic olive (oil) mulch installation


A nice field site view could be seen from the Shaul Shoulder- Mount Gilboa