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Applications & Advantages

Applications & Advantages

General Instructions for the Care of Cover Films and Greenhouses

 Center Fold, primarily for greenhouse curtains. Final measurements: 2-8m. (6.5-26 ft.)


• Single W fold, (mid-section), primarily for greenhouse coverage. Final mea surments: 4-7m. (13 - 24 ft.)


Double W fold, primarily for greenhouse coverage. Final measurments: 8-16m. (26 - 52 ft.)


• C fold, primarily for greenhouse coverage. Final measurments: 8-16m. (26 - 52 ft.)


In some areas where the solar radiation is high, it s a custom, during certain times of the year, to whiten the greenhouse cover, a technique which consists of applying on the film a layer of white paint in order to reduce transmission of radiation through the film and also reduce the temperature inside the


The whitewashing should be performed with a paint which is suited for this purpose (water based) and which does not have any negative effect on the life span of the film. In addition, once the summer months have passed, the removal of the whitener should be performed using water or aqueous products which do not contain acids or other agents which might negatively affect the life span of the film.


The warranty on our products is valid only when the above instructions are observed.

1. When installing multi layer films, make sure that the film is facing the proper direction, as indicated in the instructions supplied with the film.

Proper installation helps keep the film intact and prevents tears. Recommended method: Place the roll on top of the gable and unroll it the length of the greenhouse. All other methods are not recommended.

The film should be installed during the early morning hours (cool temperature, no wind).

Stretch the film evenly over its entire length. Re-stretch the film after it heats up.

Install the roof and curtains in the same work session. 

Several days after installing:

6. Use white acrylic based paint to paint 20 cm (8") wide stripes on the film wherever it comes into contact with the structure, along the arcs, ribs, supports, slats etc.

 Store the cover film rolls in a shady and protected spot, horizontally and on an even surface.

• After installation, keep a sample of the film cover 0.5 square meters with the identification tags.

• Avoid as much as possible any contact between the cover films and plastic elements other than polyethylene (particularly shading nets) that cause accelerated wearing out.

• Do not leave Rolls or Films exposed to sun, they might melt and stick to each other.

 Disinfect the logs and other wooden components with materials that are not based on petroleum.

• Strengthen the greenhouse structure (mainly the supporting elements and stretching arrangements) and replace any defective parts.

• Do not use P.V.C profiles. It is recommended to substitute them with wood or metal profiles.

• Make sure that metal and wooden parts that come in contact with the films are flattened. Wrap edges and other salient components with polyethylene tape.

• It is recommended that you paint all metal parts that come in contact with the cover films with white paint.

1. Promptly repair any holes or tears using an adhesive tape designed for use with polyethylene films.

2. Tighten films as necessary, between seasons and especially following strong winds.

3. Stretch nets between high posts above the roofs.

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