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Film Features


Mulch More™ films insulate the plants from moist soil, preventing contact and dramatically reducing fruit rot, as drier microclimate reduces plant sensitivity to disease (Downy mildew and botrytis).

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Reflectant Mulch More™ products such as Silver or Yellow reduce the incidence of insects and insect vectored viral diseases.


Water Conservation

Mulch More™ films reduce water loss due to evaporation from the soil surface and maintain humidity in the root zone.


Weed Control

Opaque Mulch More™ films reduce weed germination and growth. Clear

Polydak burns off weeds by solarization.

Temperature Control

The appropriate Mulch More™ product adjusts light and heat conditions and

provides the optimal root-zone temperature.


our mulch films is divided to 6 groups:

1. solarization

2. fumigation

3. photo selective mulch - green/brown

4. one color - mulch films clear/black

5. bi-color - two sides films in a wide variety of versions (black/silver, black/white, yellow/brown)


Mulch More™ films are available in the following lay flat widths: Embossed - up to 2.18 meters (86”) wide. Non-embossed - up to 2.30 meters (90”) wide.

All films above are available embossed or non-embossed.

Films can be pre - punched with planting holes or perforated for drainage.


Perforations - Mulching

Ginegar's technological expertise means we are able to perforate your film to suit your individual applications.


Macro perforation:

Perforations which can be made in an exact place in the film, to fit predetermined areas, and thus optimizing the distribution of the plant etc. Diameters of perforations range: 2" (50mm) / 3" (76mm). The perforation could be either parallel or domino (zigzag) formation.

mulch preforation 2

Mulch films Colors

The characteristics of the various types of Mulch Films (Blown/Cast)

Black/White: the black color facing downwards blocks the entrance of light and Suppresses weed germination, while the white color that faces upwards reflect approximately 65% of the light transmission of the visible spectrum (PAR) to the foliage, thereby intensifying the photosynthesis and growth processes. Cools the soil more effectively than other colors.

Black/Silver: the black color facing downwards blocks the entrance of

light and Suppresses weed germination, while the silver color that faces upwards reflect approximately 30% of the UV radiation and approximately 27% of visible light; it improves the color of red fruit.


The characteristics of the various types of Mulch Films

Black: Blocks the radiation, suppress weed germination. The black color absorbs the radiation, warming up, heating significantly the soil, especially in a good soil preparation and a perfect contact between the mulch and the soil.

Transparent Cover Film: The transparent cover film transmits the radiation and heat the soil intensely (more than each of the other colors), thus creating a greenhouse effect between the cover film and the soil. It does not reduce the growth of weeds, and is suitable for solarization and the early cultivation of vegetables at the end of the winter.

SLT / Silver: Suppresses weed germination under the mulch. Reflects around 22% of the PAR radiation- improving photosynthesis. Reflects around 25 % of the UV radiation- improving red fruit color. Will not cause high soil temperature under the mulch compared to the others.

AL- Or Brown: suppresses almost all weed germination under the mulch. Cause high soil temperature under the mulch.

Al- Or Green (U): Suppresses almost all the weed germination under the mulch. Cause high soil temperature under the mulch.

Yellow/Brown: The yellow color attracts insects, particularly the whitefly (Bemisia tabaci), and the Brown reduces the flow of radiation and the growth of weeds.



This product is good for raised beds. It is a combination of the advantages of the clear and of the black films. The clear is installed on the top, which raises the soil temperature and saves water. The black is installed on the sides and therefore prevents the weeds.



Film Features
Film Features

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