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Ginegar’s Solution for Saving Water

At Ginegar, we are committed to helping our customers overcome these challenges, and offer multiple solutions that contribute to water conservation and efficient water usage.   One of these products – our Mulch More™ Films Moisture – contribute to moisture protecti...

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Multi-Layer Plastic Films Can Improve Farmers’ Crops

Improvements in covering technology can suit a wide range of purposes The recent development of advanced multi-layer mulch films produced in Israel at Ginegar Plastics has brought significant advantages for farmers worldwide. The initiative leading to these latest impro...

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Manipulating the Ultra Violet radiation, improving your yield quality and incomes

The Ultra Violet range, 280- 380 NM, a very short and violent wavelength, invisible for human been eye, causing us skin burns and cancer. The Ultra violet radiation is essential for bee’s vision and orientation, could affect leaves, fruits and flowers coloration, and al...

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