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Covering the world with care

Ginegar Plastic Products is a world leading producer of advanced films for a wide variety of agricultural applications, with special emphasis on greenhouse covers, mulches, VIF films and also a range of
non-agricultural applications.

Covering the world with care

Among Ginegar's leading products are:

Agricultural films for greenhouse covers
Mulch films for use in open fields
Films for low tunnels covering a variety of crops
Highest quality shade and mesh nets
Barrier films for soil fumigation with noxious chemicals (VIF) (TIF)
Thick HDPE films for pond and reservoir liners
Heavy duty bags for chemical fertilizers
A range of non-agricultural applications

Technological Expertise + Agronomic Know-how

The Ginegar Product Development Team includes seasoned agronomists with hands-on experience, as well as plastics engineers and technicians. This is the combination that gives Ginegar its competitive edge. It means we not only know exactly what the grower’s problems are and what he needs to solve them, we also know how best to engineer and manufacture it. 
Our plastic films, based on polyethylene and its derivatives, including LDPE, HDPE, EVA, and LLDPE, are manufactured to serve a variety of applications.


Among Ginegar’s leading products are:

Films for greenhouse covers.

• Mulch films for use in open fields.

• Films for low tunnels covering a variety of crops.

• Highest quality shade and mesh nets.

• Barrier films for soil fumigation with noxious chemicals.

• Thick HDPE films for pond and reservoir liners (Geomembranes).

All Ginegar products comply with SI ISO 9001:2000 international quality management standards.
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Serving customers worldwide

Ginegar Plastic Products supplies customers in over 60 countries on 5 continents. We pride ourselves on making the perfect match between customer needs, crops, climate and terrain conditions, and the film that provides the ultimate solution, with ongoing customer support and assistance to ensure best possible results. A public company, Ginegar Plastics Ltd. is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: GNGR).


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